Blue Pendulum


About Us

At BluePendulum we believe luxury should be affordable, fun, and able to make part of your everyday lifestyle. Inspirations for our designs comes from you; real, trendy, fashionable men and women. Blue Pendulum jewelry pieces are handmade using watch pieces, precious stones and metal. These jewelries are one of a kind and all are different from one another to make each piece unique. Winnipeg based designer Tharika creates fashion accessories with a feeling. The unique identity of the individual is a source of inspiration for her imaginative and reviving design. The result is often expressive, but always unforeseen.

At Blue Pendulum we’re here to help you in creating pieces of custom jewelry that are as unique as you are. We understand Jewelry is meant to be worn to match to your lifestyle. We create works of art one piece at a time, and all of our work is done completely by hand and using skin safe materials.








Meet The Designer

Blue Pendulum designer Tharika was born in Sri Lanka and now living in Winnipeg, Canada. She earned a degree in textile science and has been working in the fashion industry since 2010. Her love for vintage jewelry and steampunk fashion, inspired her to make handmade jewelry. One of her favourite pastimes is to browse through flea markets to find vintage jewelry and watches.

What started as a hobby of watch collecting became the foundation for Blue Pendulum. Her belief in creating jewelry is that every piece should have its own character and uniqueness by giving a new life to vintage collectibles.

BluePendulum Sri Lanka

We are going back to our roots…bluependulum Sri Lanka is our latest endeavor under our bluependulum flag. We have introduced bluependulum mens and womens designer jewelry lines as bluependulum Sri Lanka which is an affordable luxury jewelry line.

We understand the demand for high fashion trends in Sri Lanka. Our new design line will be available at leading Sri Lankan department stores and select boutiques. Bluependulum products are also available to purchase via and we handle shipping to desired Sri Lankan locations. .

Contact Us to get to know more about bluependulm Sri Lanka and to getting in touch with blupendulm Sri Lanka team regarding custom and wholesale orders.








Materials We Use

For all our designs we only use high quality, enduring materials, from precious metals to gem stones which are handpicked and ethically sourced genuine gemstones. We guarantee our products are for s every day use and you can wear them forever.

Sterling Silver
We only use 925 Sterling Silver in our products. We plate our Silver jewelry in Rhodium, which helps long last the product and add an extra shine to them.

Gem Stones
All of our gemstones are genuine stones which are sourced from Sri Lanka where its famous for that are highly quality and rare mineral stones.