Blue Pendulum Sri Lanka

We are going back to our roots…bluependulum Sri Lanka is our latest endeavor under our bluependulum flag. We have introduced bluependulum mens and womens designer jewelry lines as bluependulum Sri Lanka which is an affordable luxury jewelry line.

We understand the demand for high fashion trends in Sri Lanka. Our new design line will be available at leading Sri Lankan department stores and select boutiques. Bluependulum products are also available to purchase via and we handle shipping to desired Sri Lankan locations. .

Contact Us to get to know more about bluependulm Sri Lanka and to getting in touch with blupendulm Sri Lanka team regarding custom and wholesale orders.

Join fastest growing designer trend

BluePendulum is one of the fastest growing designer jewelry brands in the world. Our products define who we are and our successes in evolving fashion industry. BluePendulum is for people wanting to create a bold fashion statement. Our designs make you become individuals ahead of trends, ahead of time. BluePendulum is a luxury yet an affordable brand based in Winnipeg, Canada but recognized throughout North American and European Markets.

By owning a BluPendulm piece you can be a part of one the fastest growing designer jewelry brands in the world and bring an international fashion trend to your jewelry collection.

Our Mission to Give Back

As a jewelry designer, we realize our responsibility to give back to our community and to be conscious about our work force to recognize the power of our local talents to make a positive difference for the people who involved in our manufacturing process to make our designs come to alive.

Our products serve as the best way to continue this story of inspiration. All BluePendulum products are handmade. Our model is to use Sri Lankan artists as much as possible during our manufacturing process with an objective of helping Sri Lankan artists to promote environmental sustainability.

Your purchases enable us to continue this cycle and give you an opportunity to impact a Sri Lankan artist in need.