What Men Want

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What Men Want (when it comes to jewelry that is)

Are you looking for a gift for a guy and not sure what to get?  Maybe you are looking for a birthday gift, anniversary gift or celebrating a special occasion. Jewelry is a great gift any guy would appreciate. If he isn’t much of a jewelry wearer this could be the time to get him started on that. From my experience being a jewelry designer I can confirm that my best sellers have been men’s bracelets. Guys love bracelets!  And bracelets are emerging as a bold statement pieces, adding flair and personality to an ensemble.

The 2 types of bracelets that you can’t go wrong with

Stretch bracelets



Stretch bracelets make great gifts. They are easy to wear and can be stacked to get different looks.

In addition, with different types of natural beads you also get physical and emotional healing properties as well.

Versatility of these bracelets are incredible as well.

They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and therefore making them a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

When you gift a stretch bead bracelet they also come with a meaning attached to it.

So it also serves as a constant reminder of the significance of the gift.

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Wrap Bracelets



Wrap bracelets are a great addition to a guy’s accessory collection.

This is due to its’ versatility and ability to seamlessly blend into any wardrobe while adding an edgy yet refined touch.

With our best selling wrap bracelet you get the best of everything.

It has beads, leather and chain and to make it even better the closure is magnetic.

Apart from this, it is so easy to put the bracelet on and take off.

The lava beads on this bracelet are also essential oil friendly.

If you are looking for a great gift this is it!

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